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::: Dakini Nights - Infinity:::
-- Sky Dancer's Chill Out Space --

2003.11.14 - @Bul-let's, Nishi-Azabu Tokyo

live: Puff Dragon (aka. Double Dragon) ___Dubby Chill out
  • Producer Steve Good is well-known on the trance scene for his many releases and live sets as Double Dragon. With Puff Dragon, he takes his sound into dubby, downtempo territory with fat, groovy basslines and endless echoing sounds. New Puff Dragon tracks will be out soon on leading ambient labels Interchill and Ultimae.

dj: Gio-Makyo ___deep tribal dub

Hiyoshi ___ambient grooves

dancers: Nourah, Ryoko, Sali (from Samanyolu)

+ special visual projection

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