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::: Makyo - Vismaya:::
2nd Album - Released on 1999.6
*Zen dub*
(DAK 9902) *45 min.

1.) "Vismaya"

"Vismaya", the title track, is a 28-minute exploration in zen dub, rooted in a hypnotic bass-tabla-MIDI-guitar groove. "Vismaya" is one of Indian music's "nava rasa", or "nine moods". Each "rasa" contains it's own feeling, and "vismaya" correlates to feelings of awestruck wonder: a dream, a vision, a taste of the infinite.

Natraj.jpg "In this hand he has a little drum that goes tick-tick-tick.

That is the drum of time,the tick of time that shuts out eternity."

--Joseph Campbell


2.) "Pura"

"Pura" was composed and recorded live in Camphuan, Bali, a lush rice-paddy-terraced village outside Ubud (with some additional post-production in Tokyo).
This track was composed near Pura Gudung Labuh, a 1,000-year-old moss-covered temple situated in a small valley near a waterfall.
At night, under stars, the presence of the gods is close.

"AUM is a symbol, a symbolic sound, that puts you in touch with that throbbing being that is . . .

the universe."

" AUM is called the four-element syllable. Ah --oo- mm; and what is the fourth element? The silence out of which AUM arises, and back into which it goes, and which underlies it. My life is the A-U-M, but there is a silence underlying it, too. That is what we would call the immortal."

--Joseph Campbell



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