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::: Sky Dancing - Nada Masala Vol.3 :::
Released on 2002. 9
(DAK 2112)
78 min.

1.gif 1.) MAKYO "Pashyanti" (Tokyo)

MAKYO's pioneering work in Indo-electronic mixes has influenced many of the artists creating "Asian Underground" music today. "Pashyanti", a super-groovy piece of Hindi-house featuring layers of percussion and ambient effects, is a dub remix of a track originally recorded during the "Yakshini" sessions.

2.gif 2.) ASCENDENCE "Marathon" (Sweden)

ASCENDENCE has released but one 12" on the UK-based Qube label run by Mike Maguire, formerly of Juno Reactor. This hypnotic, bass driven piece of dub-house appears on cd for the first time. More such work is anticipated from ASCENDENCE but the artist is in great demand for his skills as a house-music producer.

3.gif 3.) BAGESHREE "Bhakti" (Canada)

Montreal-based Bageshree is a Kathak dancer and vocalist who spends most of her time on the road, or in India, improving her skills. This piece of classic Indi-pop owes an obvious debt to Sheila Chandra's groundbreaking work in the '80s, and is based on an ancient Hindu bhajan. Look for a collaboration between Karsh Kale and Bageshree in the near future.

4.gif 4.) KARSH KALE "Ashes" (NYC-USA)

KARSH KALE is a drummer and tabla player known for his work with NY-based musicians like Herbie Hancock and Bill Laswell, and has recently garnered acclaim for his live sets with Tabla Beat Science. Karsh also works as a dj and producer, with two albums on Six Degrees. Karsh played for the first time in Tokyo at Dakini Nights at Aoyama CAY in Feb. 2003 to a full house. "Ashes" was originally created for a film soundtrack, and features Karsh's use of electric tablas...

5.gif 5.) MACCHIATO "Kenya AA" (Italia)

Roma-based Macchiato make their debut here with some swirling ambient house that comes from drinking too many cups of coffee while listening to Ashra's "E2-E4" on repeat. MACCHIATO only record under the influence of dark-roasted espresso beans...

6.gif 6.) JAIA "Evolving To Outside" (France)

JAIA follow-up their double-album "Blue Energy" and their appearances on the first two Sky Dancing comps with an ambient journey that builds in intensity to reflect the experience of being born. JAIA are currently recording a new album of trance while recent tracks have appeared on DJ Domino's "Moon" mix cd, 3D Vision and Iboga Records' compilation.

7.gif 7.) ESSA 3 "Sundial" (SF-USA)

ESSA 3 were a duo who released a number of 12" singles on San Francisco's Zoe Magick label in the mid-90s. This classic track utilises warm, soaring pads and heavy, rotating drums to create a moody ambience, that dares you to close your eyes and soar away. A regular end of the evening track in MAKYO's dj sets over the past few years...

8.gif 8.) JAIRAMJI "Temple" (UK)

Jairamji follow-up their debut album on Dakini, "kindred Spirits", with an epic, 15-minute track that was too long to fit on the album. JAIRAMJI continue to develop as an Ambient Jam-Band, mixing improvised solos on flute & acoustic guitar with some subtle electronics, percussive loops, and sampling. JAIRAMJI tracks have also appeared on Six Degrees' "Asian Travels 2" and Liquid Sound Design's "Mana Medicine" compilations.

The third and final volume in Dakini's original compiltation series featuring original hand-painted artwork by Seisen Ito and 80 minutes of deep, groovy chill. The "Sky Dancing" series remains Dakini's best-seller, with over 20,000 copies of vol.1 in print. Vol.3 has been two years in the making and features new tracks from regular Dakini contributors like MAKYO, JAIA and JAIRAMJI, as well as some fresh new artists and a track from Six Degrees artist (and Dakini fan) Karsh Kale.

Mastered: MONBAZA
Paintings: SEISEN ITO
Design: Keiku
Compiled: Gio (MAKYO)

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