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::: Sky Dancing - Nada Masala Vol.2 :::
Released on 2001.8
*Ethereal Grooves*
(DAK 2108) *78 min.

1.gif 1.) SEVDA "Veil Of llusion" (Tokyo)

SEVDA regularly appear at DAKINI NIGHTS parties in Tokyo, where their live sets of tranced-out Middle-Eastern music accompany the supple belly-dancing of Mishaal. This track was a special session produced by MAKYO, and features layers of explosive darbukka percussion by Goro (also known as Tokyo's leading didgeridoo player.), electric saz by multi-instrumental wizard Madoka, and soaring Arabic vocals by Sonia.

2.gif 2.) MASALA "Lucid Dreams" (Italy)

Lighter than air, the sound spirals ever upwards in this hyperspeed blend of Indian bansuri flute, live and programmed drums, and rippling synths. MASALA is yet another project from Italian producer Maurizio Dami, who also records as ALKEMYA and THE THIRD PLANET. This track is taken from MASALA's full album "Lucid Dreams" on Materiali Sonori.

3.gif 3.) PROFESSOR TRANCE "Inner Horizon" (USA)

A smooth slice of Afro-dub from The Professor, taken from the full-length album "Rites Of Passage" on T.N.I. lebel. PROF. TRANCE is best known for their ISLAND Records release "Shaman's Breath", and their deep tribal trance sound can also be heard on Sky Dancing vol.1. Neo-shamanic beats for your own rituals.

4.gif 4.) MAKYO "Erzulie" (Phantom Remix) (Tokyo)

A soft and dreamy experimental remix of a funky track by EKKO off their album "Centripetal" on Interchill. One by one the original elements were dropped as they inspired new directions, until only one was left. The original sounds are gone, but they hount the track still --- a phantom remix.

5.gif 5.) BLUE PLANET CORPORATION "Mangrove" (France)

An abstract piece of ambient dub, with absolutely amazing soundscapes to explore. French producer Gabriel Masurel is well-known on the psychedelic trance scene, with a full album on FLYING RHINO and many, many 12" and compilation releases. Look for more of Gabriel's free-form style on DAKINI soon.

6.gif 6.) MAKYO "Beyond The Veil" (SEVDA Remix) (Tokyo)

MAKYO goes off the remix deep-end again, starting with the final drum groove of SEVDA's track and taking it in entirely new directions, deep and dubby. This track features the heavenly vocals of new Dakini collaborator Nona Kalra, and is the first MAKYO track recorded after the album "Yakshini", which sold out in 4 months. A re-press will be available soon.

7.gif 7.) OCHI BROTHERS "Sandhiprakash" (Tokyo)

A shimmering twilight track by the OCHIS, their first release on DAKINI since the 1999 release of their album. The OCHIs have been busy in the meantime, releasing an immaculately recorded acoustic-percussion album entitled "Beating The Earth" on Seigen Ono's SaiDera Records.

8.gif 8.) JAIA "Le Chant de Sirenes" (France)

JAIA are well-known to Dakini fans having released an astounding track on Sky Dancing vol.1, and a double-album, "Blue Energy", in October 2000. JAIA are one of the most in-demand live acts on the trance scene, playing every where from Israel to NYC to Tokyo, and also have a new 12" due on FLYING RHINO. Their mix of beauty and intensity and crystal clear sound in unmistakable.

9.gif 9.) ISHQ "Yu"

With one breath takingly beautiful track ---"Bhakti", on Interchill's "Infinessence" compilation --- ISHQ have given new life to the possibilities of Ambient music. "Yu" is the second ISHQ track to appear, and will leave fans desperate for more --- no fear, a full-album will be co-released by Dakini and Interchill this fall. A fave of Ambient Guru Mix master Morris, ISHQ formerly recorded for the UK label Kinetix under the name Crystal Moon.

"Sky Dancing: Nada Masala Vol. 2" is DAKINI's second label compilation, the follow-up to Vol. 1, which has been the label's best-selling and most popular release so far. Vol. 1 quickly sold out its first and second pressings, and has now been re-released in the US and Europe on Milan Music/Universal, with an initial pressing of 20,000 copies.

Vol. 2 is eagerly anticipated: it has been one year in the making, and represents the cream of chilled electronica from around the globe (except Ibiza, thank you). No filler here: every track is the best the artist can make, and the album is compiled to create a total trip through sound.

Like the first comp., "Sky Dancing 2" is a seductive collection of tribal beats, zen-dubs and ethereal grooves. "Nada" means "sound", and "masala" means "blend"; mix in equal parts ambient soundscapes, trance rhythms, dub mixing, ethnic instrumentation, and you've got the DAKINI blend: exotic, erotic and hypnotic.

The album begins with the Middle-Eastern dub of SEVDA, moves through the Indian drum-n-space of MASALA and the Afro-grooves of PROFESSOR TRANCE and MAKYO. BLUE PLANET CORPOLATION takes the trip into a virtual space, and MAKYO offers a deeper than deep Indi-dub. OCHI BROS. take you into a glimmering twilight, while JAIA's myterious sirens whisper in your ear. ISHQ delivers the perfect comedown, a track of breathless beauty.

Mastered: JEAN-LOUP (Spectral@France)
Paintings: SEISEN ITO
Design: Keiku
Compiled: Gio (MAKYO)

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