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::: Sky Dancing - Nada Masala Vol.1 :::
Released on 2000.3
*Ethereal Grooves*
(DAK 2005) *74 min.

1.gif 1.) MAKYO "tantrika" (TOKYO)

An explosive percussive sunrise track, featuring Indian nal drums, djembe, finger cymbals, and crisp 101-bass, all under a softly spoken mantra. A "tantrika" is a follower of the mystical off-shoot of Hinduism (Tantra) that believes enlightenment can be found through ecstacy.
"tantrika" is taken from the forthcoming MAKYO album "yakshini", the follow-up to 1999's successful "shringara" (on World Domination/Dakini).

2.gif 2.) HYDRAULIC "guidance 66 rmx" (CANADA)

Interchill artist HYDRAULIC carries the groove with a floaty, housey vibe, behind which shimmer some intriguing echoes. HYDRAULIC's most recent release was in 9/99 on the Interchill compilation "Interior Horizons", which also featured Drift, Makyo, and Black Star Liner.

3.gif 3.) ALKEMYA "boubanebass" (ITALIA)

Italy's innovative ethno-ambient unit ALKEMYA drop a heavy dub riddim, laced with cascading keys and spirals of found sound, that will certainly appeal to fans of African Head Charge. Taken from their eponymous album on CNI. Members of ALKEMYA are also involved in the rai-based group The Third Planet.

4.gif 4.) PROFESSOR TRANCE "medicine trance" (Amsterdam)

The journey goes deep with Prof. Trance, who offer an epic piece of hypnotic percussion. This is actually an edit of the full 30-min. track from their double-album "medicine trance" on TNI. Prof. Trance are known for their groundbreaking trance-dance album, "Shaman's Breath", released on Island in '94, and member Frank Natale is a serious teacher of dance as a means of consciousness expansion.

5.gif 5.) DRIFT "arc-en-ciel" (carnation space mix) (Canada)

Interchill/Instinct artists DRIFT find a moody, contemplative space, mixing Tim Floyd's varied guitar colors with live vocals, tabla, and violin, and some intricate synth and beat programming by Adham Shaikh. Shaikh and tabla/percussion player E. Shankar are also involved in EKKO, who released a full-length album of jammed-out ethno-funk on Interchill in '98.

6.gif 6.) TAKASHI KOHGO "tsubo dance" (Tokyo)

Trained in India on the esraj (a close-cousin to the sarangi), T. KOHGO mixes his live solos on that instrument with sampled percussion and spaced-out atmospheres. This perfectly *shanti* track is taken from the extremely hard-to-find album "Circulation", on Kohgo's own Bon Music label.

7.gif 7.) JAIA "l'ivresse des profondeurs" (France)

JAIA are well known to lovers of Goa and psychedelic trance from their many 12" and compilation appearances (T.I.P., Nova Tekk), and an outstanding debut album ("Blue Energy") on Cross Records. JAIA drop the bpm here, creating a mysterious and evocative piece of shimmering electronic dub, in the midst of starless space.

8.gif 8.) PADMASANA "multiverses" (Tokyo / Bali / New Zealand)

PADMASANA are back with another epic journey: this time it's not a trip through space, but a slip through the multiverse. Slip into a parallel dimension filled with soaring Asian vocals, swooping Chinese ghosts, and deep rivers of bass. Beware of non-humans. This track follows PADMASANA's debut album in '99 on DAKINI. Limited edition e.p. ("Universal Consciousness") was released with a Hikari-designed shirt this Spring.

"Sky Dancing: Nada Masala Vol.1" is DAKINI's first compilation, a luscious collection of tribal beats, ambient-dubs and ethereal grooves. "Nada" means "sound", and "masala" means "blend"; mix in equal parts ambient soundscapes, trance rhythms, dub mixing, ethnic instrumentation, and you've got the DAKINI blend: exotic and erotic, organic and electronic.

Featuring new tracks by MAKYO and PADMASANA, French ambientrance from JAIA, deep tribal rhythms from PROFESSOR TRANCE, a beautiful new mix from Adham Shaikh's group DRIFT, ambient house from HYDRAULIC, some Indian-styled chill from TAKASHI KOHGO, and a deep dub from Italian group ALKEMYA. Ethereal album graphic by SEISEN ITO.

Mastered: MONBAZA (Mountain people Studio@Taipei)
Paintings: SEISEN ITO
Design: Keiku
Compiled: Gio (MAKYO)

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