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::: Ochi Brothers :::
Released on 1999.6
(DAK 9904) *48 min.

1. Earth Sonic
2. Artificial Energy
3. Lightning Storm
3. First Light

Yoshiaki and Yoshihisa Ochi --yes, *real* brothers-- have been active on Japan's experimental and ambient music scenes for many years, creating environmental music, soundtracks, and installations. The duo have toured and recorded internationally, and are active in the art and fashion worlds as well, performing the "ambient opera" "Parthenogenesis" at Tokyo's Art Sphere Theater in '95, and composing music for Issey Miyake's collections for many years.
They've released several ambient albums in Japan, mostly showcasing their more meditative and gagaku-influenced music, which combines natural sounds and acoustic percussion. Their ep for Dakini is the first outing of their electronic side, reflecting the music they have been making recently for underground outdoor parties and "raves" like Rainbow 2000 and Equinox. Here they mix their live acoustic percussion sessions with DAT-dj sets of layered synthesiser ambience, heavily-treated found sound, and programmed beats. The result: dense, swirling synthetic soundscapes, broken by waves of rolling tribal percussion.

Artwork: Keiku

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