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::: Live at Dakini Nights :::
Release: 2004/5/29
(DAK 2113)
73 min.
w. 12p booklet

"Live at Dakini Nights (1999-2004)"

1. Greg Hunter ::: Siliconectar V1 (candle dance mix)
2. Makyo ::: Nothing Is Real (headspin mix)
3. Karsh Kale ::: Bright Like This
4. Puff Dragon ::: Born 2B Wild (imploding belly dancer mix)
5. Ochi Brothers ::: Sonic Branches (rhythm mix)
6. Sevda ::: Goreme
7. Greg Hunter ::: Siliconectar V3 (dakini dub)
8. Ishq ::: Fire Salamander
9. Rasiya (aka Kai Session) ::: Coming Down

"Live at Dakini Nights" (DAK2113) is s compilation documenting the artists who've played at Dakini Nights over the past 5 years. The tracks aren't live recordings -- most of the stuff we recorded off the P.A. was too hot -- but rather studio recordings representative of what the artists do live. Nine all new and exclusive mixes featuring:

еее MAKYO, with a remix of a track off his forth coming album on Dakini...

еее GREG HUNTER of Subsurfing / Dub Trees / The Orb / Juno Reactor fame, with his first released tracks in quite some time...

еее KARSH KALE, a "lost" track from the archives featuring sarangi by Ustad Sultan Khan...

еее PUFF DRAGON, aka Double Dragon, the freshest talent on Tokyo's ambient / downtempo scene, following up his tracks on Ultimae and Iboga...

еее OCHI BROTHERS, a stripped-down, heavily percussive track reminiscent of their ive sets, with GoRo on zen flute...

еее SEVDA, featuring Goro and Madoka, putting the dub into some nice middle-eastern solos on saz and ney...

еее ISHQ, his first new material since the much-loved "Orchid". This track has a heavily psychedelic vibe, and Dakini Nights regulars will remember it as the one he opened his live set with last September, with Tara-Mika doing her aura-dance thing...

еее RASIYA, new Indian-ambient-jam band, who've played at Dakini the past two summers. Their first released track.

The album also features stunning artwork, and a 12-page booklet featuring photos from the events, vol.1-11.

Mastered: Monbasa & Austin (@Chimestone in Taipei)
Design: Keiku
Compiled: Gio (MAKYO)
Photo by: Gen, Makoto, Kiyoto, Chuuma, Koriyama, Saki, etc...

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