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::: Jaia - Blue Energy:::
Dakini's sub label
Yellow Feather Records(YF2000) *2 discs

JAIA ::: "Blue Energy"
1. Sommeil Paradoxal 1. Sentences to Heaven
2. Anawa's Paradise 2. Sillenium
3. Breathing Ocean 3. Time Machine
4. Brainstorm 4. Kannibal
5. Nasty Angel 5. Factory of Mind
6. Mai Mai- 6. Meditation
7. Spiritual Drops and Eternal Ices
8. After the Rain

Originally released in 1998, Jaia's "Blue Energy" was one of those albums that was more talked about than heard. Few copies made it outside of France, and when the label went under, it seemed this masterpiece would be lost forever.
Here at Dakini, we had no intention of releasing any trance --there were plenty of labels already doing that. But when our friends Jaia asked us to re-release their album, how could we say no? We had listened to this album so many times, and could not deny others that pleasure.
Thus, our sub-label Yellow Feather was born, designed for more dance-floor directed sounds. Our first release is JAIA's "Blue Energy", with a bonus disc of rare tracks called "Blue Synergy", called from the best of Jaia's many 12" and compilation releases.
JAIA's sound is typical of the French psy-trance sound (artists like Transwave, Spectral, and Blue Planet Corporation), a sleek combination of power and melody, dreamy textures, driving basslines, and crystal-clear soundscapes. Unlike most dance-floor oriented artists, Jaia have created an album that is more than just a collection of stompers: "Blue Energy" is a full trip, taking you through many moods, textures, and imaginary spaces.
Bon voyage!

Artwork by James Koehnline
Mastered by Monbaza (Mountain People Studio@Taipei)

ign, '01)

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