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::: Ishq - Orchid:::
Released on 2002. 1
*Sonic Incense*
(DAK 2109) *2 discs
69 min. / 43 min.

ISHQ ::: "Orchid"
Disk-1 Disk-2
1. Skyblue 1. Fluid earth
2. Yu 2. Blue haze
3. Opal (Opaque mix) 3. Opal (Original mix)
4. Daisy 4. Essene
5. Cyandragonfly
6. Bhakti
7. Arc

---"We were making music to swim in, to float in, to get lost inside."---

That's how Brian Eno described the very first Ambient Music, and some three decades on, you could probably say the same about ISHQ "Orchid" is certainly an album to get lost in, to explore, to slip through, to roll around in.

ISHQ creates virtual worlds of sound, rippling vistas that offer trails in every direction.
If this sounds so much better than your typical ambient drone-a-thon, that's because it is: care and attention is paid to each sound, and the space between the notes. Distinct layers wash over each other like waves, sounds own "breathing" rhythm. Moments of surprise are carefully crafted. Subtle details hover on the edge of perception.

Like the original wave of Ambient -- albums by Eno, Hassel, and Czukay -- "Orchid" is clearly informed by a deep and powerful sense of calm and clarity. But more than those works, ISHQ also offers a psychedelic edge, or the zen high of the mystic. Press "Play" and see for yourself.

about ISHQ:
ISHQ is Matt Hillier, a British musician based far from the mad London club scene. In the early '90s, Matt was into the full-on lifestyle, making acid-house and psy-ambient for labels like kinetix, clubbing, and filling his head with trips. After hitting the point of burn-out -- with both the lifestyle and the music biz -- Matt abandoned music and London. After a relocation to deepest Cornwall and a 3-year-hiatus from making music, Matt began work with a fresh mindset, and the freedom to create what he wanted. The result is "Orchid", created in an 18 month burst of creativity and called from literally hours of music. According to Matt, his biggest inspirations were the music of Steve Hillage, some profound psychedelic experiences in the English countryside, and the inner landscapes he discovered on these journeys.

Contact to: ISHQ
  • Disc one licensed from Interchill Records.
    Double-CD limited edition of 1000 available on Dakini.
  • ISHQ incense designed by Hisano Ito, available from Dakini.
  • Mastered by Sourcer Media @ Redstripe Studios
  • Outer art design: Gordon Field (Interchill Records)
  • Inner art design: Keiku
  • Image thematics: Earth Octave & ISHQ


ISHQ Discography

Alien Mutation & Indigo Egg:
"Microcosm/Macrocosm" (Kinetix, '96)
Crystal Moon: "Temple" (Kinetix, '97)
Ishq: "Bhakti" on Interchill compilation album,
"Infinessence" (Interchill Records, 2001)
Ishq: "Sol" on Interchill compilation album,
"floatation" (Interchill Records, 2001)
Ishq: "Yu" on Dakini compilation album,
"Sky Dancing / nada masala vol.2" (Dakini, 2001

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