'05.Feb.20 @Tokyo

Fusion is the exploration of the ancient and the immediate
A fusion of east and the west, Electronic and Acoustic
Music For Mind and Body, Dance and Meditation
Using sound to connect with the timeless.


Release: 2004/12/3
(DAK 2114)
75 min.

Adham Shaikh ::: "Fusion"

1. Opal -->Listen!
2. Flying Beyond
3. Dubfire -->Listen!
4. Infusion (Bombay mix) -->Listen!
5. Ohm (Transfix mix)
6. Gayatri Mantra Shuffle
7. Somptin Hapnin (Ganesh mix)
8. Krishna Raga -->Listen!
9. Shake It (Shaikh it)
10. Newborn Shuffle
11. Rabbit Hole Raga (Spore mix)

Canadian-based Adham has been one of our favorite ambient producers for a loooong time. Starting with his 1994 album of deep Indian-inflected ambient "Journey To The Sun" (Instinct), we've watched his production and composition skills grow with each release: "Drift" (Instinct, 1996), "Ekko" (Interchill 1998), and "Essence" (Sonicturtle, 2002). But if there's one thing that remains constant, it's Adham's unique ability to blend live elements with the production and detail of studio music. "Fusion" may be his best blend yet: tracks like "Krishna Raga" and "Flying Beyond" mix long, flowing solos on Indian instruments like bansuri and sitar with hypnotic, percussion & bass-driven grooves. "Dubfire" shows a more ambient side, with soft gamelan-like phrases and glistening synths echoing out in a wash of dub delay. There's even a phat breakbeat-dub remix of "Infusion" (from the "Manna Medicine" comp. or Liquid Sound Design), featuring the clean, spacious guitar phrasings of Tim Floyd. All in all, an album that's perfectly pitched between the "jambient" of Jairamji and the tighter, club-haze electronica of Makyo.

Mastered: Glenn Schick
Design: Keiku

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